Every time I boot, the system hangs for 90 seconds (1:30 minutes)


I am currently running Leap 15.1 without any problems. However, I always get the following message when the system boots :

] A start job is running for dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-oSUSE.device (XXs / 1min 30s)

After the 90 seconds, it states:
TIME ] TImed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\x2dLabel dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-oSUSE.device
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Resume from hibernation using device /dev/disk/by-label/oSUSE.

and the system continues booting as normal.

Is there a way to fix this problem in which it will not check for 90 seconds every time the system boots?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Use Yast bootloader.

Go to the kernel parameters tab.

Check the “resume=” parameter (if there). It should be your swap partition – typically


but with different UUID information. It is probably wrong.