evernote won't play embedded sound files


Trying to get evernote to work fully using PlayOnLinux. I am on an ASUS
laptop, U46E, with a core i7 processor. I have installed openSUSE 12.2
and am able to play regular sound files in the linux environment with
out any problem, either Amarok, or whatever is necessary. Video works as

I am running Evernote 4.5.8 using PlayOnLinux version 4.1.8, with an
embedded wine installation version 1.4 inside POL, which was necessary
to get the networking to work.

When I copy a sound file to a note in Evernote, and then click on it to
play, there is no sound. The activity log gives this error:

20:47:19 [12] Could not start audio playback: cannot play file
exception, file: C:\users\george\Temp\enaudio\111021_006 taliyasi.mp3

The path to that file from outside the wine environment is


Also, when I right click on that file and hit “open with”, on my windows
machine (virtual box) it gives me a list of media options to play it
with, like windows media player. In the wine version, the list is

The command line does not give any clues.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,