Eve Online reports wrong gfx card

I am a complete Linux noob and familiar only with Windows and decided to attempt to run Eve on my laptop under Linux using Wine, the idea being to save some cash and avoid buying a copy of Windows and also for a bit of sport.

The installation has gone remarkably smoothly the only issue with SUSE 11.2 thus far being I had to edit the ‘proxy’ file to get it to recognise the proxy server I am behind ( a known bug apparently). I am very impressed with SuSE look and feel and how easy it was to install.

Eve installed fine under Wine (I had v1.1.28 during installation which i since upgraded to 1.1.43) and I can get the Dominion splash and login screen OK but I notice the Eve settings menu (ESC) incorrectly shows my graphic card as a Geforce FX5600 when it actually just the laptop onboard Intel x4500HD. I have not yet been able to attempt a login to the game due to only having HTTP access at my current location.

System information in KDE reports the following under Graphics:

Display Info
Vendor: Intel Corporation
Model: Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller
Driver: Unknown

I checked in the xorg.conf file and its says that X is using ‘intel’ drivers so maybe I should ignore KDE as based on what I have read this is the correct and best driver for my gfx?

Presumably the graphics card indicated in Eve should be correct and the same as in Linux so what should I do? Do I need to re-install Eve after upgrading Wine?

System information :
Dell E6400 P8400 Centrino 2
Intel X4500HD gfx
2 Gb RAM
SUSE 11.2
Wine 1.1.43 *(after upgrading from 1.1.28)
Note : I will not be able to actually log on to Eve until I have a suitable web connection (I have only HTTP access at my current location) but want to try and eliminate as many issues as possible in advance.

Any help or suggestions appreciated



Note: I also posted this question on the Eve Linux forum but it seems fairly quiet and I don’t see many SUSE users there