Ethernet problems after 5.2 update


I just wanted to say that after inserting the factory repositories and updating to beta 5.2, everything seems to work fine, except that I have no internet whatsoever. The network manager shows that I am connected to some network, but if I want to ping for example something, than that instantly fails saying it cannot access the needed network.

In addition network manager has a button to disconnect the ethernet connection, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any ideas?

Ok, I played around with it a bit. If I disable the network manager and switch to the ifconfig method then everything works (without actually configuring anything), if I switch back to Network Manager then again nothing works.

Probably a clean install (and not beta update) would solve this issue, but since I don’t have CDs only DVDs, I will have to wait for the RC lol!

I have the same problem and fixed it the same way and I did a clean install of beta 5.2
bug or intentional I don’t know.

I have the same problem.

Sheesh… This and other network related problems with 11.0 caused me to go back to 10.3. The devs still haven’t ironed this one out? Any one know if Gnome-RDP will be available in this go around of 11.x?

Same problem here.

The problem seems to be related to Network Manager with dhcp. If you configure a ethernet connection with Network Manager, and there is connection but no name resolution (the browser can’t find any site) just enter this from the command line:

sudo /sbin/dhcpcd eth0 

If all went good, there will be no output, and your internet connection will be working again.

PS: This is asuming you have a router with dhcp. I didn’t tested it with a static ip.