Eth1 not available after boot must reset dhcpcd

I am running OpenSuse 11.0 and have two network cards in my system, one is an Intel E1000 onboard nic, the other is a Syskonnect pci-e gig ethernet card. When I first installed OpenSuse I used the Intel nic, but setup both, one as eth0 other as eth1.

When I switch the cable to eth1 and reboot I do not have a working Internet connection, I would have to run dhclient eth1 to get the dhcp settings from my router. Now I am unable to use dhclient at all but have to use dhcpcd eth1 to get a connection. Many times I have to kill the already running instance of dhcpcd in order to make it work. But if I switch the cable back to eth0 everything just works. I like the Syskonnect card, and want to have dual nics so in the future I can have the use of both if needed.

Yes I have used yast, and yast2 to setup the devices, also if I do a standard ifup or ifdown eth1 does not work unless I use the dhcpcd eth1 settings. Same goes for ifconfig eth1 down and up. When I check my logs like dmesg, and messages everything looks normal as dhcpcd thinks it has a working release. Like I said I want both nics to work, so I don’t want to delete one I want to use both in the future.

I am using a Actiontec GT724r dsl modem router setup for dhcp settings. Some mention that this could be a router issue with dhcp, but it works fine in other distro’s with the exact settings. I also don’t have the settings to choose in the router all that is available is dhcp, or not. Checking the bug list doesn’t show any direct link, as most are wireless and not strictly ethernet like my situation.

Are you using the Network Manager? Speaking from experience, that can cause issues if you have two NICs.

Just removed NetworkManager, and went into single user still have the same problem. I fired up yast2 and deleted the Intel nic, which showed up as disconfigured and then went into singleuser and it came up normal. For some reason it does not like dual network cards especially if your using the second card. This beats having to use su, or retype dhcpcd just to use the network.

How are your NICs configured to be activated? Via yast, you can set them to activate ‘On Cable Connection’ for example. Maybe post the current config output from

cat /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0

cat /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth1

Here are the required settings for eth1, since I disabled eth0 it does not save the config. But I would assume it to be very similar.

cat /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth1
NAME=‘SK-9E21D 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter, Copper RJ-45’

I’m assuming that you will be using this wired interface as your primary interface (with the eth0 device disabled). Anyway, try adding


to /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth1

I guess another strategy would be to rename your interface (via udev) so that it becomes your primary interface (by default eth0).

That worked great I added the primary device to eth1, and then enabled eth0 and changed the setting to cable detect. Then went to single user then runlevel 5 everything came up like it is supposed too. I just wish that little seceret was in the manual or something.