eth0 won't install / load in ACER laptop with attansic NIC

in 11.0 SuSE ACER Aspire 6920 shows in Yast/Network_devices two not konfigured NICs:

  1. PRO/Wireless 4965 and
  2. Attansic Ethernet controller
    Why not configured ?
    “Unable to configure netowork card because the kernel device (eth0, wlan0) is not present …”
    dmesg says:
    iwl4965: Intel Wireless … i.e. ok
    iwl4965: failed to register network device - i.e. no access point near, also ok
    but no message about eth0 at all !
    Surely I compiled network device support in the kernel and lsmod shows:
    Module Size Used
    atl1 34188 0
    Yet still:
    “kernel device eth0 is not present”
    “Network is unreachable”.
    I’d like to add that attansic NIC truely exists in this computer, it is recognized by YaST->hardware_information and I found no significant errors nor other information in /var/log
    Could somebody help me, please to inegrate eth0 in my Linux ?

Thanx in advance

Let me sum up:

Module Size Used
iwl4965 104164 0
mac80211 167316 1 iwl4965
cfg80211 21904 1 mac80211
atl1 34060 0
mii 8960 1 atl1

lspci -k shows both NICs but for attansic no kernel module is shown !
No alias line in /etc/modprobe.conf makes any difference.

Yes, this NIC needs another driver not included in SuSE distribution. I found two of them, but only one:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-
compiled easily. See also: [ubuntu] 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. Unknown device 1026 (rev b0) - Ubuntu Forums](
I addjustem in Makefile the position of a manual file MANFILE, which “make install” required.