eth0 not working

I installed on my raspberry pi 3-b-plus and it runs well. However I cannot get interface eth0 to acquire an address via dhcp. I tried setting a static IP but was unable to establish a link. This interface was working fine on raspbian before the upgrade.

I got wireless running, but unable to get eth0 running.

I too am seeing this. Got a link light, but no traffic reported.

Were you able to find anything?

I don’t know if it is relevant. But take a look at bug 1080832. In particular, look at comment #5 in that bug report.

Actually, it won’t capture any packets, dhcp or otherwise. Even when setting a static IP.

While eth0 shows as up by ifconfig, 0 packets are sent and received. The NetworkManager Applet shows it as disconnected.

I’m wondering if the wrong module may be loaded for it. Yast shows lan78xx.

That is the correct module for the 7515.

It would appear that we are not alone in this. Perhaps discussion should be moved over there?