eth0 doesnt stay up

Hello all,

I have an Opensuse system (at kernel level 2.6.26).

When logging in, the eth0 is not recognized by the kernel - but - the driver for the card associated with the NVIDIA chipset is loaded (called forcedeth).

I then go to YAST2 and delete the item with from the hosts. I also delete any networking devices as well (whether or not they are defined).

I then run **/etc/init.d/networks restart **(or something like this).

Somewhere in between, the ethernet card is recognized and is assigned a value of (which is what I want).

The problem is that when I reboot the system, and try to ping the host, I get network cannot be reached I then have to go through the whole song-and-dance above to get the card to be recognized altogether AND with the correct IP address.

Why do I have to do this? Is there a way to fix Opensuse so that when I log in, the ethernet card is recognized as eth0 and the IP address

Any help, hints or advice is greatly appreciated :smiley: