eth/ath suddenly not working!?

Hi guys!

I don’t know what I did that could cause this problem but let me explain.

Last time I was working under openSUSE and I was unable to establish a wireless network connection. Before, everything went fine! Everytime when I clicked on the KNetworkManager icon > Connect to other network > W-LAN Home the icon was disappearing for… don’t know lets say 100 milliseconds and then the default gray globe was again there. After disabling wireless with KNetworkManager and then trying the step before the little gear appeared and it seemed to try to establish a wireless connection. But it didn’t! I seems that there are no wireless networks in my area… that can’t be because I established a connention with Vista before. The wireless connection is only configured with KNetworkManger and this way it worked… since now. :frowning:

Ethernet was also not working anymore. After plugging in the ethernet cable in the past it connected automatically… now it’s does not. First it was only configured in YaST and working. But know after it didn’t work I deleted the configuration in YaST and did that only with KNetworkManager. Then it worked.

The only thing I did before was to install xsane and all necessary drivers for my scanner.

I am confused… :frowning:

Thanks for your help in advance!


I’ve noticed that behaviour too. I think there may be a bug in OpenSuSE network configuration which makes it lose its settings randomly. The symptoms (for wireless) go like this: Network Manager loses connection (might be due to bad windows drivers – I use ndiswrapper), tries to reestablish it, but in vain, then the icon becomes grey. If I try to force it to reconnect to the network, it doesn’t succeed. Nothing helps: not rcnetwork restart, not logging out and in again, not reverting to init 3 and then to init 5 again. The only thing that helps is rebooting – sometimes it even takes two reboots in sequence. Now, every once in a while even rebooting won’t help: in such cases the only thing that helps is deleting the network connection in YaST, rebooting and then creating a new one. I’ve yet to see a real solution to that.
Good luck!