/etc/resolv.conf entries get removed on system restart

I have HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop with openSUSE 11 and I use it in my office and home with different network settings. The problem is whenever I start/boot/reboot my laptop the changes I have made in /etc/resolv.conf get lost.

Is there any solution for it so that the entries persist until I change it manually

You should be able to set this in YaST > System > ~Editor:


Should I change its value to “No”??

That’s correct…change it to ‘No’.

I use my laptop in my office and home. so I changes my IP and other network information daily and to effect the changes I always need to restart my laptop.

Is there any command by which I can restart my network settings without rebooting the system.

How do you changing your network settings? Are your private/work network use DHCP? You could write two simple scripts in bash, named i.e. work.sh and home.sh place them in /usr/local/bin, chmod 755 them, and execute as you need. It all depends on your networks settings.

I change configuration using Suse Network Settings application

OK, but do you assing the IP address, netmask, gateway and DNS manually?

In a console login as root and issue the following command: rcnetwork restart

You could just save each config file to a folder and when you needed em just swap em out and then restart the service daemon and should be fine … shouldn’t have to restart your PC …

Restarting the service like Microchip8 suggested though after you load the setup you are needing … just to be clear