/etc/rc.local equivalent ?

I would like to run some scripts as root at start up just before the boot sequence is over.
I have read about putting them in /etc/rc.local . Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to exist in Leap 42.3.
Is there/what is the equivalent in Leap 42.3 ?


The rc.local equivalent in Suse seems to be /etc/init.d/after-local
This link is a bit old but it seems to work. Maybe someone can comment on whether something else should be done instead.

Yes, there is rc-local.service and the after-local.service available for init script compatibility. I recall reading somewhere that these are being deprecated in later systemd versions though. However, there is nothing to stop you creating a custom service unit to achieve the same end.

This may be of value to you…

Great, thanks.

I tend to run scripts at boot time by using “cron”.

The only issue that I occasionally experience is, the timing …
But, that can usually be resolved in the script which “cron” kicks off during the boot process …