/etc/rc.config change without SuSEconfig execution

I changed the /etc/rc.config and the /etc/inittab and reboot my SuSE Linux 7.3 without invoke the SuSEconfig. Now the system don´t boot anymore, even at safemode. What can I do for recovery it?

I’d suggest boot to a livecd, mount the drive and change everything back. That should allow you to boot back in. Then just make the changes you need again and run SuSEconfig. I’d personally also suggest upgrading that box as 7.3 has not been supported for a very long time.

Thanks for your answer,

I have already tried it with the rescue system of the instalation CD, but unfortunately didn’t work.
Do you know if i can execute SuSEconfig with the rescue system (or live CD) prompt?
If I simply invoke “SuSEconfig”, it don´t modify the HD files.