/etc/cups/printers.conf overwritten hourly


I have a 42.3 machine (1) in an isolated network that’s acting as a print server, and has several queues defined as IPP printers on another cups server (2) that can access the network the printers live on.

When first configured, all printers work properly. However, every hour on the :14 minute, something on (1) overwrites printers.conf and changes all the printers defined on (2) as ipp devices, from something like




… which doesn’t work. I’ve looked in cups.conf and found nothing obvious. The cups forum suggested it was cups-browsed, which I don’t see running and see no cron job for, but I uninstalled its package anyway - and it still happens.

Can someone tell me what’s overwriting my printers.conf file, and how to change its behavior? thanks!

It is cupsd that will be responsible for this. You could examine the CUPS log for relevant messages

sudo journalctl -u cups

It shouldn’t affect any manually defined queues though. Or are you relying on DNS-SD (Avahi) broadcasts from the other CUPS server?

Check /etc/cups/cupsd.conf…

# Show shared printers on the local network.
Browsing On
BrowseLocalProtocols dnssd