Espeak and Stardict

I really would like to have Stardict running again with Espeak. Has anyone any tip?
I am on KDE4 and OpenSuSE 11.2 and I have understood that this has been an issue with this distro (and KDE4?). I used to run it on OS 11.0, but that was with KDE3.


You can use espeak,
Enable PulseAudio support in YaST->Hardware->Sound->other->PulseAudio Configuration
Make sure you have pulseaudio installed

Allright, thanks!

I have been a bit sceptic about installing pulse audio, yast gives a conflict message and I have to deinstall ‘patterns-opensuse kde4-pure (or something similar)’ to solve it. Anyway, I will try it out now.



I get the same message while trying to install the “Pulseaudio” package. Have you tried to uninstall “patterns-opensuse kde4-pure”? Was the sound everything working fine? Thank you.

Hellow to all. I have the same problem with StarDict.I think you should try this link StarDict: Detail: 2943804 - stardict v3 can not be started on openSUSE 11.2.