eSATA hotplugging

How can I add an eSATA disk to a running system? It is OK if connected before booting, but just not seen if hotplugged

In order to hot plug eSata, the *AHCI option *in your BIOS must be enabled for that port. If this eSata port was standard and built-in to the motherboard or laptop, AHCI may be enabled all of the time by default. If you are using an internal Sata port and some sort of card slot adapter, AHCI must be enabled in the BIOS which is often NOT the default. Be aware that turning on AHCI on a hard drive from which Windows or openSUSE is being run after the OS was installed using IDE simulation, could cause that operating system to no longer boot. So be careful about enabling the AHCI option in your BIOS settings.

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