New installation on HD Samsung HM160JC
installation ending with error !!
After booting see message: Booting local disk Grub loading stage 1.5
Grub loading, please wait
Intend repair without succes … same error message!!!
Linuxrc V3.1.34 (kernel default)
what can I do ?
Have Life CD can help?

How large is the first primary partition ?
How is HD detection in you,re BIOS set to ?
Give us the full specs of you,re computer.

From Live CD running finelol! but installation with live CD same problem !! Error 18 :shame:
Opensuse 11.0 / Gnome 2.22 / PC ASUS / processor Intel pentium 4 mobile / CPU 1,70GHz / Main Memory 768Mb
Format partition /dev/ sda7 (19,9 Gb)
Format partition /dev/ sda8 (77,3 Gb)
Use /dev/ sda6 as swap
sda5 windows/C

BIOS (boot) first FD then CD/DVD

thanks for help :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try two things first disable in the Bios the FD boot up.First option
Second option :
Make the second primary partition not bigger than 8 GB a normal opensuse install
did not need more than 20 GB in total