Error with Multimedia installation

Hey all,

I just finished installing 11.0 Gnome, and I went to go download the multimedia package for Gnome, and YaST gets to the package selector page, and no packages are slated for installation (I can’t just hit apply to continue). I wanted to install this package so I can play ALL of my music in Banshee, but it seems to be having the problem no matter how many times I try it. Any ideas on what might be causing the problem?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Just do it manually.
Open the management.

—> All Repositories → Add/Remove → Add → Community Repo → Packman (maybe add wine / nvidia /ati if you want drivers and or lates wine versions too (videolan if you want libdvdcss for dvd decoding (would only install that package and then deactivate the repo cause in 10.3 days it had conflicts with packman))) ----> ok ok, back to software management —> gstreamer has updates, so update ----> after that select packman as repo and search for gstreamer —> install everything that has gstreamer + good/ugly/bad/good-extra/ffmpeg/fluendo that has not devel/debugsource/doc/debuginfo in its name, just the normal packages.

With that your gstreamer apps should be able to play nearly everything. If you cant play some videos go for install w32codecs + mplayer and/or vlc.


I just tried music that didn’t work before, and most of it works great now!

Thank you again! :slight_smile: