Error while installing r-base-dev

Hello there!
I should run some R code which calls C subroutines and for this reason I should install r-base-dev. I have SuSE 11 (patchlevel 1). I’m TOTALLY new to SuSE and to linux, but googling around I found out that I just had to run in the terminal the following code:

sudo zypper r-base-dev

But when doing that, I get the following message:

sudo zypper install r-base-dev
Retrieving repository 'SUSE:SLE-11' metadata \]
File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''

Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a): i
Retrieving repository 'SUSE:SLE-11' metadata [error]
Repository 'SUSE:SLE-11' is invalid.
Can't provide /repodata/repomd.xml : User-requested skipping of a file
Please check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository.
Warning: Disabling repository 'SUSE:SLE-11' because of the above error.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
'r-base-dev' not found.
Resolving package dependencies...

Nothing to do.

Reading other similar question, I guessed that the name of the repository has been changed, but I didn’t find the right one. Could someone be so kind to help me with this? Thank you very much and sorry for bothering you! :slight_smile:

Hello, these are the openSUSE forums. When you say you have “SuSE 11 (patchlevel 1)”, it looks very much that you have SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) and not openSUSE.

When that is the case, please go to
You can use the same username/password as here.

Thank you very much, I’m sorry I feel like an idiot, but I’m just starting with linux. :slight_smile: