Error while installing bootloader for suse 11


I am trying to install suse 11 on an ibm x3400 m2 machine. After installing the various packages, i get the following error :

Error while installing initrd
Error while installing grub

There are 2 500GB hard disks on which i have configured RAID-1.

Pl. let me know what the issue could be as I am new to linux.

Thanks in Advance,

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Where do yo install grub??? when you install a raid you must install
grub outside the raid array if my memory don’t fail


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Also is this hardware RAID or BIOS (FAKE) RAID??

This server supports the RAID -0 and -1 configurations.

When i did the suse installation, at the time of creating partitions i created 4 partitions on each hard disk (sda and sdb) for root,swap,boot and home.

After that, in the RAID section, I created 4 raid partitions by pairing up the partitions on each of the disks using RAID-1 configuration (/dev/md0,/dev/md1…)

I am really not sure whether what I’ve done is a hardware RAID configuration or software RAID configuration. Plz. help me out on that as I’m new to this and quite ignorant about the terminologies.

After i do the setup it asks me options regarding what packages to install and the boot loader options - in that i see that it try to install the boot loader in the MDR of the disk and not in the /boot location. Is it possible that there is some problem there?

OK sounds like FAKE RAID to me since is is built into the mother board. Suse doe not like FAKE RAID. it often requires addition drivers that are not in general available in Linux. Also sounds like you are trying to use the FAKE RAID and software RAID. This definitively will not work. Since you are not dual booting I suggest you turn of the Hardware (FAKE) RAID in the BIOS and simply use the Software RAID set up in the installer.