Error when trying to update openSUSE 13.1: File not found on medium

I am running openSUSE 13.1 and the update notifier tells me that there are 64 updates. When I press install and then continue I get the following error message:

File './Extra/x86_64/libSoQt20-1.5.0-5.24.x86_64.rpm' not found on medium ''

The update is then aborted. How can I fix this?

The current libSoQt20 version in the Packman repo is 1.5.0-5.25 , so apparently your repo metadata cache is outdated.
Run “zypper ref” to refresh it.
And check that you have enabled Auto-Refresh for the Packman repo(s) in YaST->Software Repositories.

It could of course also have happened that the package got updated after your repos got refreshed and before you installed the updates.
In that case just try again and it should work.

Thanks a lot that worked!