Error when running combustion script

After which service it should run?


Description=First Boot Reboot

ExecStart=rm /etc/systemd/system/firstbootreboot.service
ExecStart=rm /etc/systemd/system/
ExecStart=systemctl reboot


Add to combustion script

## Reboot after setup
cp firstbootreboot.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl enable firstbootreboot.service
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Now I am missing the kubeadm command

@Misekayek0l so in the output do you see it all (as in packages) getting installed? I normally do one zypper -vvv in ... command…

Where is the combustion output?

Found it, get here Combustion script fails to install kubernetes - #6 by Misekayek0l

Looks like my script needs network in an early stage of execution, thus I need another solution for network

@Misekayek0l the network should be up and running before it even gets to starting ignition/combustion? So nothing to do with combustion as such.

Then what is the error? does not gurantee that network is up when using NetworkManager (or systemd-networkd for that matter), it is well known. You need to wait for NetworkManager to complete connection activation. If combustion is supposed to support networking use, then it is a bug in combustion. To fix it you need to add additional dependencies to combustion.service and activate additional services. I do not know how to do it during MicroOS setup.

Unfortunately you tagged your post with two mutually exclusive tags. MicroOS is not Leap Micro, and it is unknown what you actually use.

MicroOS Leap

There is no such distribution.

It does exists: openSUSE Leap Micro 5.5 - Get openSUSE

@Misekayek0l Just to confirm, this Leap Micro system is a virtual machine brought up by vagrant?

Is a VM runned by KVM with Virt Manager, no vagrant involved

@Misekayek0l and network is configured to use a bridge device so the VM gets a dhcp address?

Yes, that is correct

@Misekayek0l based on this thread you started your missing the network activation stanza…

I give you the logs there

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