Error when installing adobe plugin

Im trying to install the adobe flash plugin so I can watch youtube videos and I get this: How do I fix this?

ALso I want to install Compiz Fusion. I hear there is still some glitches but I want to try it still. I got it from the Opensuse site and the file format is .ymp. Ive tried to open it with Yast Meta Pckage handler an d package installer but they do not work. What do I have to do to get this to install? Am I missing something I need to install first?

Also when I come back from being away I need to put in a password. I assume its the same one I used when I installed opensuse, but it doesnt work. Is there a way to disable this ?

Thanks All

The system is telling you what the issue is, the database is still
working. I’m guessing here that you were installing compiz before you
tried to install the plugin?

Compiz is on the install DVD, or online repositories just install via

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So I need to get the compiz plugin before I can install it?

Im guessing I go into Install software and scroll down and find compiz. There are a few of them and I am not sure which one is the right now. Also the stupid prompt is telling me to authenticate again.

The one where I have to put in a password. I only submitted one password during this whole time and when I put it in it doesnt work. Yea, it popped up when I was in the middle of installing a plugin

Use the search feature and search on compiz. If you used the default
install the root password will be your user password.

I’m using the Gnome desktop and have the following installed;


The database may have been doing some maintenance when you were trying
to install the plugin, hence the error.

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I dont get it, I tried installing from USB and nothing pops up when I do the Open with: option and choose Yast media installer thing, but when I get it from the site and do open with, it works.

I just got the white screen after applying desktop affects >:( Im reading this thread ATI + Desktop Effects = White - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums
but my root password does not log me in! And thats the only password I used while installing!!!

Not sure what you mean, from the USB?

Use the YaST program in the menu, then Software->Software
Management and search for compiz and install the software. It should be
on the from the install source (DVD) or online repositories…

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