error when install the amsn

When i install the amsn i wrote in shell this:

linux-2d24:/home/pedro.parreira/Desktop/amsn-0.97 # ./Makefile

but show this error:

bash: ./Makefile: Permission denied

Im log in shell with su

What i do?

In general the commands to compile a program are: ./configure
sudo make install

When i wrote ‘make’ in shell appear this:

linux-2d24:/home/pedro.parreira/Desktop/amsn-0.97 # make
bash: make: command not found

In fact you have to install at least make and gcc via yast. But there is a much simpler way to install amsn. There is a repository in the opensuse site you can add to yast and then install from there. Now i don’t remember the name. If you will be still in troubles tomorrow i will post the exact url

you should do a search in yast2 for amsn it is in the repo’s and will install it for you