Error: Warning boot has failed

Since lending my laptop to my daughter I get this:

Warning: Boot has failed. To debug this issue add “ rd.debug” to the kernel command line. Can get to grub> via ‘t’
Then, Boot Option Menu… but don’t know where to start.

But… don’t know how to do this. Ithink it may be out of memory.

I do get the options to open Leap 42.1 with Linux 4.1.34-33-default and recovery mode and with Linux 4.1.31-30-default and recovery mode but none work.

Any ideas?

Can I run bleachbit at startup and erase the temp files- might help?

At the Grub2 menu, tap the “e” key, this will pop you into edit mode for the highlighted boot option.

Use the down arrow key to scroll to the front of the line that begins with linux and hit the “End” key to make sure you get to the end of that command line.

There, type a space, and add rd.debug

Press F10 to boot.

Post the error output here (using the # symbol in the post editor) between code tags. Or, if lots of output, post it to and post the link to that here.

Hi. Thanks. So I can get to a grub> prompt but if I type in I just get an error "can’t find command ‘’. Then the grub prompt again.

If, for example, I type boot at grub> it says error: you need to load the kernel first so I don’t have this which is why the above does not work?

No, before Grub2 prompt…

When you see the Grub menu, as I said above, tap the “e” key, which will allow you to edit the boot line. Follow those directions as I posted should work.

Doesn’t work - anyone else have any ideas like a usb rescue OS? many thanks.

Exactly what does not work???

the e key or the rd.debug boot parameters???

Remember we can not see over your shoulder rd.debug - doesn’t recognise these.

What is ‘t’?

If you get grub> prompt. it means either grub.cfg is not present or there are no menu entries in it. I would bet on the former. You can check with “ls /boot/grub2” or “ls /grub2” (depending whether /boot is separate partition) which files are present. May be someone just renamed grub.cfg.

Otherwise the simplest thing is to boot any live distro and recreate grub.cfg in chroot.

thanks but there is no live distro - so shall I download and create a leap usb boot drive and then do some maintenance?