ERROR: Unable to load VPN connection editor


I need help to find the right package to install to get my l2tp / ipsec to work now when i click on l2tp i shows the error ERROR: Unable to load VPN connection editor

Then provide some information about your installation and what you are trying to achieve.
“.ERROR: Unable to load ” only becomes helpful when you show what you did to produce that message,

I am guessing that you want to set up a client to connect to a commercial service, because no one would willingly set up a L2TP/IPSec VPN.

You probably want to be using NetworkManager to set up your network interfaces. Strongswan is the common Linux/Unix package for this protocol. Make sure that your firewall and router etc. allow UDP traffic on ports 500 and 4500.


I am running on Gnome
I installed NetworkManager-l2tp package to be able choose Layer to tunneling protocol ( l2tp )

Clicking on that to create the Connection it does not show me any options, i just get a message saying Error: Unable to load VPN connection editor

Would love to insert a picture but that does not work.

And you are correct no one will do this on their own free will, but i use this machine for work.

I solved it now, needed to install NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome

You can look up what L2TP is in plenty of places…
It’s not “layer to tunneling protocol”
The name describes the relevant layer in a very famous and important computing concept called the OSI Model

Your typical VPN protocol doesn’t run at this level, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSH, SSL, TLS and others typically run at Layer 3.
L2TP is considered to be better security but more difficult to configure than Layer 3 VPNs.


I thoughtthat the major problem was not L2TP/L3TP, but with the security holes introduced by Microsoft and Cisco’s implementations of IPSec.