ERROR regarding yast2 theme update

Below is the latest update error received. I found a similar error on Reddit for an an earlier theme version. They said the accepted a choice to remove that theme. I don’t see that option as they did not state where they saw it. I waited to see if maybe this was a bug and to see if there would be a newer update.

Do I remove this theme? If so how?

the installed yast2-theme-oxygen-4.3.9-lp153.2.3.1noarch requires ‘yast2-branding = 4.3.9’, but this requirement cannot be provided

Hmmmm. I checked my 15.3 installation, and that is installed properly. To make certain something has not changed since it was installed, I told it to “update”. It did that without giving any errors. At this point, I’m not sure where you should start. Perhaps check that your Repositories are set properly, all to 15.3 ??? f.e., this package comes from the Main Update Repository, according to my GUI Yast Software module.

Yes, I ran into that issue.

It comes from patch openSUSE-SLE-15.3-2021-3573.

I was using Yast online update, which reported the conflict. But it allowed to choose to not apply that patch.

If you use “zypper up” at a root command line, that should update without problems. If you use the desktop applet, you are likely to have problems. So use “zypper up” until the problem is resolved.

I guess a bug report might be warranted, so that they correct the issue.

… and when I checked it in the Yast GUI, it was already installed, so I guess the conflict had already been taken care of?

Someone has filed a bug report on this issue:
Bug 1192111

A fix is in the works – perhaps will be out tomorrow. I am still seeing the conflict.

If you are using the test updates repo, I think the fix is already there.

I used “zypper up”. It installed a couple of files and deleted a couple of files. I am using the default repo’s by the way. I rebooted even through using “zypper up” indicated it was not necessary. The on-line update is not trying to install that patch anymore, so everything appears to be resolved.

Thank you.