Error Re-installing Windows on existing partition

What just happened was that I was experiencing some serious blue screen errors in Windows all of a sudden, so I loaded up my recovery partition for windows, and ran the “Restore complete system function”. At some point, it had to restart, and I got the BIOS error “Unable to detect operating system”. Eventually I got openSUSE to work again by reinstalling it using my DVD. However, now, whenever I load my windows partition, I get a windows error that says it cannot configure Windows on my hardware! The furthest it gets is a blue Windows screen that says “Please wait while Windows continues to configure your hardware.”

My windows version is Vista, and I use openSUSE 11.3 as my primary partition.

My question is this: How can I re-install Windows onto my partition? I have a recovery partition setup still, but I’m afraid that the Restore Complete System function will mess with my linux partitions again!

All I want Windows for is to play WoW! Running WoW through Wine is fail on my laptop for some reason, its far too slow and problematic. Please help me… some Linux forums just trashed me for using Windows at all, but its my only option available for my particular spec of computer to play this game, so that type of advice doesn’t help me much. Feasible alternatives to a Windows partition would be nice, but Wine clearly doesn’t work for me like I desire. Any suggestions?

Don’t you have a windows install DVD?

The only thing I have is a Windows recovery CD, which prompts for a product key. This did not come with my Sony laptop, it only includes a recovery partition :confused:

Someone will help I’m sure. But I have to run.
It sounds not so good

TF661231, Most often after installing openSUSE, the Windows partition is no longer marked Active for booting. Now, once openSUSE is installed and working, the Window’s Partition does not need to be marked active to be usable, but trying to run anything but a full install for the Windows Partition might no longer work. The Vista disk does include a repair function you can use, but once complete, if it works, you will be unable to boot openSUSE. You can create a GNOME LiveCD, boot from it and use the GParted partitioning program to change the active partition from Windows or openSUSE. One last thing, if you installed the Grub Boot loader into the Master Boot Record, you may be forced to reload Windows Vista from scratch to get it to work. Also, none of this accounts for your original Windows problems and if they might have been hardware related.

Thank You,