Error: Package obs-service-download_files is required for this operation

I am trying to run osc on a Ubuntu 11.10 system, but I am having problems doing so. In particular, running “osc ci” to upload some changes to games/trader generates the following message:

*** Error: Package obs-service-download_files is required for this operation

I’ve managed to figure out that osc is looking for a script in /usr/lib/obs/service/format_spec_file. Unfortunately, the Open Build Service documentation does not mention this file (or the package it is in) at all, and Google also was not very helpful.

So my questions are: how do I fix this error on a Debian/Ubuntu system without downloading random RPMs from, say, FindRPM, where do I find the source for obs-service-download_files and can I, in fact, avoid using it altogether by passing flags to osc? Thanks!

It’s here, doesn’t look like it’s built for Debian/Ubuntu

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Thanks for the pointer. Actually, the package is obs-service-format_spec_file ( as far as I can tell.

A small correction: I actually did need obs-service-download_files, as well as obs-service-format_spec_file (the one I mentioned), obs-service-source_validator and build. Perhaps this should be mentioned somewhere in the OBS documentation…