Error: no operating system


I am trying to install Open SUSE 11.4 on laptop Lenovo 3000 N100 - processor Intel T5500 dual core 1.66 Mhz, 1 GB RAM, graphic Ati …?(i havo no data, buyin used) with 256 MB shared memory.
Everythin get OK, until i downloaded and installed suggestet updates.
Some of them requred restart and after restart recieved message -** Error: no operating system found**
I used the same DVD from which i installed suse to another computer - there work OK

Where may be the problem?

Hello and welcome. I do not know at this stage what operating system you did have on your PC prior to Linux. Was it a completely formatted harddisk or did you “just partition” after the suggestion of yast.
Some Laptops come with a EISA (enhanced industry standard architecture) which of course (as usual) is not a real standard but an antistandard trying to prevent users to install other OS or to make unrecoverable errors on their OS (Win). Generally on this EISA there is a routine for a disk recovery with a hidden and write protected boot sector. You need to get rid of this EISA partition if you have it because Yast cannot handle it. IF this is your case (and knowing that you are not able to restore this EISA partition afterwards, you need to do this from a life CD. If the openSUSE one should have problems you may use the following live CDs for maintenance to prepare the disk for openSUSE:
knoppix or
parted magic
which are quite complete and make manipulations on a “vergin” laptop or PC fairly easy. Once done the OpenSUSE install should work out fine. (In the meanwhile, if you wish you can also just try the brand new 12.1 in only 3 (cannot belief it) days.
For what is: knowing better my laptop. We can have a look on where the problem is and you can have a look on what you have bought.
While whatever linux life CD is in the drive and is booted, you should emit the command:

su -

It will ask you for the root password to get superuser as requested. It will give you a list of your device, BIOS version, firmware details and a good overview on “what you have”.
Please use pastebin to post your results here or, if not too long (I think it should work), you can login in openSUSE, click on the advanced tap and click on “code tags” # sign. Write between the to “parenthesis” like [CODEbla] and [/CODEbla] where the “/” sign tells whatever format command where it ends.
This will give you a good and readable output (like the one I produced for the command *dmidecode) *and you will get more feedback on your requests (people are bothered when they have to “work through” the valley of tears).
Have a look also on your BIOS settings, whether you have “write protected” the boot sector of the HDD.
In general is true: the more info you give the more help you get. Do you install on an empty HDD? Do you have two or one HDD? And so on and so forth.

Thanks, problem solved

Would be delighted to know what the problem was at the end. Thanks for sharing (this will help other users).