Error message trying to open Software Manager

Hello guys. I was trying to open the Software Manager using the following path (on xfce):

menu -> settings -> settings manager -> install/remove software

It started loading normally but then the following error message appeared:

The following packages have not been found on the medium %F

And after displaying the message it quits. After that I tried this other route: menu -> settings -> install/remove software. Using this last path the software manager opened with no problem.
I would like to know why is the error message displayed and if I should do something to fix it.

Thank you for your help.

Can you…

Open a terminal and do

su -
zypper patch

once it’s done… do it again…

Any change you let us know what version og openSUSE?

BTW, what about YaST > Software > Software management?

Hello, I found this old thread regarding the problem I’m currently facing. What is the solution for this? *

Thanks in advance!*

Hi and welcome to the openSUSE Forum :slight_smile:
Suggest you start a new thread on your issue, especially selecting the openSUSE release your on (if 13.1, this is Evergreen), desktop environment etc…

Thread closed.*