Error Message on system shutdown

Please can somebody help me here.

When i shutdown my SuSE 11.2 box with all current updates i have started to notice an error message.

Something about failed to unmount, trying remount as read only or something like that.

The trouble is its almost the very last message that appears and its not on the screen long enough to read properly.

Somewhere is there a logfile that i can recover this error message from so that i can make some sort of an attempt to resolve the issue, post the whole message here in more detail?

Theres no error message when the computer boots up.


Well I am using 11.1 with KDE3.5. If they did not change the logic of Yast completely you find the both log files you need in:
Yast - Various - show system log
There are filters that should allow for searching only the warning messages.
You have also the startup log available (same menu point - IF they did not change it).

Thank you for your reply.

Your right if you look in /var/log/messages and carefully read through you can find where it boots up and shutsdown and so on.

Unfortunately my error message doesn’t appear in the list of entries written to the log file during a shutdown.

I’ll have to see if i can capture it on camera!

Thank you again


Personally if its only on shutdown then I would not worry about it, every OS has issues in shutdown mode