Error message filling the screen

Some times when I have tried to play movies from my Plex Server, the server monitor is filling with an error message.

Now when I tried to play a movie from my Plex server this line was raging through on my server monitor.
Managed to take a picture while it was filling the screen with nothing but this line over and over.
94 printk messages dropped ** [70053.896705] ->rcu_read_unlock_special: 0x1 (b: 1, nq: 0)

All up to date on the system? So the server is using Leap or something else, if so what kernel in use? Or do these errors appear on your client?

Some answers hereā€¦

Yes, Leap 42.1 and up to date. Standard default kernel 4.1.27 that comes with the distro.

Plex Server (latest version?) built for openSUSE? It could be a funny between distribution libraries used/built for the server and openSUSE system libraries in use.

Since the server is closed source, might be better to ask the Plex folks or see if they have any hits on their forum?

Well, I asked here becasuse I was not sure Plex was the culprit. The Plex server should not cause the display to misbehave for the logged in user in KDE.

Forgot to mention that I was using Nouveau on a simple Nvidia GT610 card. I had some problems with input devices (mouse/keyboard) being sluggish on nvidia drivers.

Disable the plex server and reboot the system and check if you still see the messages, what about if you just boot up to run level three (systemctl set-default That should isolate things a bit to see if they are still present, login as root user an follow the journal (journalctl -f) for a bit.