Error message "DHCP client NOT running"

when my openSuse11.0 starts it doesn’t start the network.
excerp from /var/log/boot.msg:

Waiting for mandatory devices: eth0 NSC
13 12 11 10 9 7 6 5 4 3 1 0
eth0 device: nVidia Corporation Unknown device 054c (rev a2)
eth0 DHCP client NOT running
eth0 is down
failed eth0 interface could not be set up until now
failedSetting up service network . . . . . . . . .failed

Network is set to start for runlevels 2,3,5
I use a netgear DM111 ADSL2+ Modem.

How can i start DHCP client during boot?

Greetings, Urs

The problem is earlier than that. Your network card could not be setup, due to there being no driver, or the wrong driver for it. You have to solve that before worrying about the DHCP client.

Go back to YaST > Network Devices > Network and try to set up the network card.

Also post the specs of your network card, which looks like it’s onboard. If you are unlucky it may be too new to have support in the distro yet.

the network card is supported. I’m currently not at that computer and have the specs not at hand.
When i start the network manually it works fine. Therefor i made a script:


sudo /etc/rc.d/network start

Sometime i have to execute it 2 times until the network works.

Greetings, Urs