Error machine virtualbox-6.0.8

00:03:49.805577 E1000#0: Larger TX frames : 0
00:03:49.805578 E1000#0: Max TX Delay : 0
00:03:49.865061 GIM: KVM: Resetting MSRs
00:03:49.867765 Changing the VM state from ‘DESTROYING’ to ‘TERMINATED’
00:03:49.873588 Console: Machine state changed to ‘PoweredOff’
00:03:50.435211 GUI: Passing request to close Runtime UI from machine-logic to UI session.
place the last lines of the log file


I’m receiving a similar error. How were you able to resolve this?

Also with Tumbleweed and Virtualbox 6.0.8?

Virtualbox in Tumbleweed is at 6.1.14.

Only for Tumbleweed:
Try as root:

zypper dup

Usually posting to a prior thread and especially an old thread is usually a bad idea.
The original post may have different details like the Virtualbox version.
The original may be resolved because of a particular combination of factors which won’t be related to your current problem.

Better to create a new thread and if you wish include a link to the prior thread, but typically it’s better to start anew and include all the details you believe are relevant.