Error installing Tumbleweed on PPC64be

While trying to install the latest version of PPC64 OpenSuse Tumbleweed on my Powermac G5, I keep getting the error “ Invalid Signature. Installation aborted.” The same error happens regardless of using the net installer or the local installer (where it complains about the local signature being invalid instead), and I cannot progress from this point.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

What command is triggering this error?

Would be good to provide the command and all output after it using formatting it using the Performatted Text button (</>, sixth from the left).

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This error occurs as soon as the installer for the OS launches. I imagine the install script is running something, but I’m not sure how to see the exact command its running. This happens when I try to install on both of my Powermac G5’s using both usb media and burned dvds/cds. Please let me know if/how I can provide you with any more useful information. Thanks.

For people that want to try the URL, try it without the ‘:’ at the end :wink: Without the ‘;’ the URL is working.

I did compare this repomd.xml with the one for aarch64 but I do not see an immediate problem.

I found here a way to verify the repomd.xml:

curl -fsSL | gpg2 --import
curl -fsSL -O
curl -fsSL -O
gpg2  --verify repomd.xml.asc

Would be good to do that for this ppc repomd.xml, (replace the url’s with the one for ppc) I am not sure how (yet) what to use as url for the first line but that should be possible to figure out.

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I appreciate the help, I will see if I can utilize this during the install.

What I propose is not something you can check during the install, check it one another computer.

Try it with the repomd.xml for PPC64be and one from another port or even

The on for tumbleweed should pass, if the one for PPC64be fails you have isolated the problem. If that is the case, next step would be to make a bugzilla issue I think.