ERROR init file not found for Fish Fillets NG

Trying to play Fish Fillets NG. I get this in terminal when I execute

main.cpp:117: ERROR init file not found; path='/usr/share/script/init.lua'; systemdir='/usr/share'; userdir='/root/.fillets-ng'; hint='try command line option "systemdir=path/to/data"'

This is probably an easy fix but I have no idea what to do. I installed it from Yast software manager. Thanks for any help.

There is probably some config file in your homedir, i.e. /home/USERNAME/.fillets, or are you trying to run the game as root?
Also, check whether the init.lua file exists in some other folder. Install mlocate, run

sudo updatedb
locate init.lua

and change the path in the config file accordingly

Thanks for your help, but that didn’t work for me. I emailed the developer and got the solution.
I was supposed to run the game with:

fillets systemdir=/usr/share/fillets-ng