"Error in service module"

I have got two opensuse 10.3 (x86) servers on HP hardware giving this error in the last two weeks. The solution: rebuild the entire server.

These servers do nothing but DNS/ web/ and db and no one makes any system related changes on them. All of a sudden I see that I have lost ssh connection, I then try to access it from the physical location but I can’t - nothing responds. Upon reboot I can see lots of things come up with “error/ failed” - also noticed /var file system cannot be found type error.

I then boot off a Knoppix Live DVD but can’t mount the file systems on the disk.

The only thing both the servers have in common: they download RPMs from repositories from the Internet; namely from: download.opensuse.org and the packman repository: Index of /pub/packman/suse/10.3 and every time I go to install software in the yast software management section, I can see “Downloading…patch…” I am not sure what it downloads and whether it installs something.

Is this the reason why I get this error? Or is there a bug somewhere in the kernel?