error from Dolphin while trying to play .flac file in Qmmp

My machine is setup to play .mp3/.flac/.ogg/etc. on double click. Qmmp is the default player. When I double click a file [song] in .flac format, a Dolphin window pops up saying:
**“There is no application installed that can open files of the type FLAC audio (audio/flac). Do you want to try to install one?”
When I click on “No” Qmmp proceeds to play the .flac file.
Flac plugin is in Qmmp. This does not happen when I play an mp3 file.

The problem machine is** Qmmp version 0.62 on opensuse 12.1 with KDE 4.7**

Hi, tyr this : right-click a flac file, goto open with ->others and choose your program (qmmm) from the list, making sure to tick the “always open with” box. HTH Lenwolf

Since I know people in the forum generally ignores me when I ask them to open a bug report… I did it for you: