Error: Failed to start Apply Kernel Variables?

Booting to KDE desktop I couldn’t find this message but I think that caption is what was stated in red when it flashed past during boot and shutting down.
Is there a problem with my system?
How can I correct this error?

An old issue, have you updated the system lately?

Hi Malcolm,
I am running Tumbelweed and sometimes update twice a day!
I am not on this machine but my laptop but still updated pretty much every day.
Remind me what I should run to see all of the most recent logs and I shall look for clues using your post.
Many thanks.

I guess an update will fix it and the machine still boots and works perfectly.

But if I remember I did just a:


and do not see the message anymore or at least my eyes were not able to catch it again.

Hi Malcolm,
Many thanks for the help. Some machines had problem, others not and none had quotes as per one of the threads you listed. I did run run

sudo mkinitrd

and that might have solved the problem. Bottom line is the; warning has gone.
No idea what I was doing but thanks for the help.
No idea why the updates didn’t solve the problem in the first place.