Error encountered on Galaxy S5

Hi all,

I’m running openSUSE 13.1 with KDE (latest builds). The phones are Galaxy S5s. This is the error I get on the phone:
“Unable to find software on your computer that can recognize your device. Service pack 3, Windows Media Player, version 10 or higher, for Windows XP or Android File Transfer for Mac OS must be installed.
You can download and install Kies on your computer from in order to sync data with your device, back up data, and upgrade your device (Windows and Mac OS are supported).”

I’m still able to get files off the device, and copy music to the device, but still get that error. Can anyone offer some assistance on this please?

Thanks very much in advance,

I remember seeing this when I first connected my S5 to my Linux system; I
think I changed it to use mtp instead, and then installed libmtp9 from
the standard repos.

I don’t get that message any more, so I did something to make it work. :slight_smile:


Jim Henderson
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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your help. Well, the phone is already in MTP mode, and I already had libmtp9 installed. So, kind of back to square one. Any other thoughts?


Searching online reveals large numbers of users (across various distributions) reporting similar behaviour with MTP connectivity. Do you perhaps have ‘USB debugging’ mode enabled in the Android device? I have read of strange behaviour where this has been the cause.

For example

Due to issues and limitations with MTP connectivity, there are thankfully a number of alternative methods that might offer superior connectivity - mostly network-based.

For example, this might work for you