Error during upgrade to Leap 15.2

My upgrade to Leap 15.2 almost went successfully to conclusion. In spite of the fact that I had successfully checked the checksum on my boot DVD, a checksum error turned up on the package


. I took the advice not to continue because of the security risk, and aborted the upgrade at that very late point.

After reboot, of the installation DVD, the upgrade continued apparently without problem to the end.

Everything seems to work except that there is an error flag related to the Gnome shell that says “Shell user - - theme extension not enabled”. My desktop icons and Gnome Activities are not being displayed.

What can I do to repair this?

“gtk3-metatheme-adwaita” is installed here, and without any problems as far as I know.

Did your package come from the DVD or from an online repo?

I was upgrading from an iso DVD generated from the Leap 15.2 download. I verified the DVD checksum before starting the upgrade.

After conclusion of the upgrade, the installed version is

 gtk3-metatheme-adwaita 3.22.3-lp152.5.1

from vendor openSUSE.

That’s the same version as I have. As best I can tell, you have a good install.

Same version here, no problem on 2 systems so far, version on the DVD and main OSS repo are the same: just a temporary glitch?

Re-install the ‘User Theme’ extension from or re-enable via tweaks or the firefox add in at the the top right…

I prefer to not to make software updates until I have understood (at least partially) what went wrong. The Tweaks offer nothing that solve the problem. There the ‘Appearance’ section tells me that Applications, Cursor and Icons are set to Adwaita (default) and Sound is set to default. The Shell itself shows a warning that ‘Shell user - theme extension not enabled’. But there is no help saying how or where to enable the theme extension.

Yast2 tells me that all package dependencies are OK. So I conclude that no SW is actually missing from my installation. During the upgrade process the message that caused me to abort the upgrade sounded like a serious security issue (i.e. erroneous checksum on the gtk3-metatheme-adwaita-3.22.3-lp152.5.1.rpm package). Why should I risk installing (what?) software from where, to solve a potential software security issue? How do I know I am not compounding the risk?

It is not a software update via openSUSE, the theme user extension is a third party item, if you never had it installed in the first place then it will show that error. Nothing went wrong… I use it here (GNOME Shell extensions), when I upgraded there was no error seen and the user theme extension is working fine…

Thanks. I have repaired it now, roughly along the lines above. It took a while, and I’m not sure how exactly. But I’m where I want to be at last!