Error Creating Disk Image

I’ve been attempting to backup my notebook by creating a disk image using Disks. It couldn’t look more straightforward, yet I keep running into the following error. The confusing part to me is that /dev/sda3 shouldn’t have anything to do with the drive I’m looking to create an image from (/dev/sda1). Does anyone have suggestions on how to create a disk image in an alternative fashion?

Error unmounting /dev/sda3: Command-line `umount "/dev/sda3" exited with non-zero exit status 32: umount: /tmp: target is busy
(In some cases useful info about processes that use the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1).)
(udisks-error-quark, 14)

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Do you want to backup the entire disk to image files?

And, then, what filesystems are you using. Using btrfs for root? Or?

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Yes, I’d like to backup the entire disk. Although, I could simply create individual .img files for each partition… perhaps that’s my problem? My root partition uses the Btrfs filesystem, whereas my home partition uses XFS.

Don’t image a live drive things can change on it. Use a live OS to do the disk image without anything on the drive imaged.

You can do a file by file backup which in most cases will be OK

IMHO you don’t need to backup a whole drive just the information that is yours personally you can always reinstall an OS. In Linux all your stuff is in home. But that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


btrfs makes it much more complicated, AFAIR.

I use ext4 for root (actually, so far, sticking with it on all my partitions).

Clonezilla is your best bet for backup images, in most cases.

In any case, safest is to use bootable media (ie: a Clonezilla boot CD, or some other), system cannot be backed up reliably if system is in use and drive mounted.

Before backing up with Clonezilla (or other options), check the file system first to be certain there are no errors.

You could use the GParted Live boot CD to check the filesystems, as again they need to be unused at the time of the check.

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I believe sticking to the home directory is just what I need. Thanks for the input!

I use luckybackup which is a GUI front to rsync. Rsync does a sync so is much faster then copying all the files every time only changed files get updated. Note the backup drive should be formatted with a Linux file system. Windows FS do not preserver permissions and ownership

Too bad it’s not part of the openSUSE repos. I really should just learn to use rsync at the command line, eh?!

rsysnc is standard luckybackup is in KDE extra

You can find things that may not be in the regular repos here