Error compiling new kernel for 11.1

Hi there,

I have upgraded my kernel source to 2.6.27-29 and am having some problems. After running make modules_install, only 6 modules are built. This is resulting in failed dependency messages when I run make install.

For example,

FATAL: Module processor not found.
WARNING: no dependencies for kernel module 'processor' found.

As a result, the new kernel either does not boot at all, or is missing functionality.

The sequence of commands I am using are

make clean
make mrproper
make oldconfig
make modules_install
make install

I can successfully compile the kernel sources for 2.6.27-7, which is the 11.1 default. The modules compilation phase also takes much longer, which is what I would expect.

Any help would be appreciated,


Why not update the kernel itself as well?