Error booting from any btrfs snapshot

Clean Leap 15 installation with default settings in a new SSD.
When I try to boot in GRUB from a read-only btrfs snapshot I always get the error: “null src bitmap in grub_video_bitmap_create_scaled”
The only options available are editing the menu line or going to grub command line, but booting is not possible, any idea about this?


I have the same problem. Can anyone give a reason or solution to this error?

Thank you in advance.

Try disabling the graphical console on boot by going to YaST–System–Boot Loader–Kernel Parameters and uncheck Use graphical console.

This was also reported on the Arch forum and is related to the splash screen that is used.

This might fix the problem, otherwise i don’t know anything else.

It does not work.

Thank you anyway.