Error after boot

I am new on Linux.
I set up opensuse 11.4. I updated nvidia 6600 drivers from vendor. Everything is good until automatic kernel update. When I start the system, opensuse is not open with this lines.

/etc/rc.status: line 1: /bin/ash : no such file or directory
bash: ./etc/sysconfig/chron : cannot execute binary file
X_MOUSE_CURSOR : Undefined variable

And then gives error count : 21

Please help me

You need to reinstall the driver if you did it by hand from the NVIDIA site.

Should I reinstall nvidia 6600 drivers for every kernel update.? I use nvidia-settings for multi screen. If I don’t install drivers for nvidia, system gives some apic errors and not opens. I googled for this problem and I found that problem is related nvidia display carts. I install drivers and problems go away. I am installing drivers manually.

Yes, if you install manually you need to redo it after each kernel or X system update. If you install via a repo this will happen automatically.