Error Adding Installation Source : Novell SUSE sp2

hello everyone i am a newb when it comes to linux servers. anyway i am trying to install novells mobility pack and every time i try and install this product through add-on product media in yast it gives me this error:

Unknown Error: Ivalid path name
component '/root/Desktop/data// suse/setup/descr/Novell_Data_Synchronizer_Mobility_Pack-1.31-16.1.x86_64.pat.gz”

for some reason it adds a space before the “suse/setup/…” i have renamed the folder and tried installing again with the same results!

Someone please help me :frowning:

You wouldn’t happen to have a space after the “data” would you?

Also, what happens if you specify the directory as just /root/Desktop/data ?

No there is no space after data just right before the suse folder. “…data// suse/…”

if i specify it as that folder it gives the same message.

Not sure what to do… i read something in the novell mobility install guide and it was referring to suse 11 so maybe that is the issue?

Maybe try posting something here:

DS: Mobility Pack

That’s Novell’s forum for the Mobility Pack…

But I’m guessing that when you try to setup the repository name, either a space is being added accidentally to the end of the specified directory, or you may need to leave out the last “/” after data. Someone in the above forums might know better though…

Your in the wrong forum, suggest you head over to the Novell forums and specifically the mobility sub forum;
DS: Mobility Pack

thanks alot man i will check that out and try leaving out that last part and see how that works.

no luck i posted on other fourm hopefully someone there can figure it out. Thanks anyways!

If not, then I suggest raising an SR or contacting Novell support direct.