Error 18 in opensuse 11.2 installation

I’m getting error 18 (selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by bios) while installing grub at the end of the setup.

I’m trying to do a dual boot system with windows 7 x64.
The machine’s mbr was completely destroyed. Now I’m restoring it with win7dvd.

My machine is :
asus motherboard
intel i5 750
4gb ram
radeon hd 5830
2x1TB HDD connected in RAID0

My RAID partitions were previously configured by win7.
I had

  1. 200GB for windows
  2. 500 NTFS
  3. 1TB NTFS
  4. The rest (130GB) at the end of the volume were unpartitioned.

I’ve let suse setup to decide by its own how to create partitions and the result was:

  1. 102 MB /boot
  2. 2GB /swap
  3. 20GB /root
  4. 116 GB /home
  5. some mbs unpart.

Just a guess, fake RAID?

What chip is on your RAID card?

U do not know if the following is applicable.

I once installed on a system where the BIOS was not able to boot from a partition that started after a certain disk address. Because GRUB was installed after existing partitions it was impossible to boot from there. I had to use a partition “somewhere at the beginning of the disk” as boot partition.

This was of course a bit of an aged BIOS.

The motherboard is ASUS P7P55D LE
and the controller is Jmicron JMB361 and it is build in.

All the linux partitions are at the end of the disk. How much after the beginning? Eventually I can shrink the first primary partition where windows is installed but it’s going to be at least after 190 GB.

I have the latest version of my bios.

During the installation if I don’t manually set “enable” to install grub to MBR and to /boot, the system stays untouched and boots directly to win7.

is listed as controller as well.