Error 17 file not found (Installing without cd)

Hey guys im trying to install opensuse on my vista that i need a product key for so i decided to install this. I am doing it without a cd and after i rebooted it come sup 2 unetbootin and it says error 17 file not found.

also i know it is doing two partiations(sp?) but i do not know what to do

Welcome here v1c70r

What does sp mean, and unetbootin?

Error 17 – the bootloader may be pointing to a partition that is not recognised by Grub (the bootloader).

Can you explain how you are installing Suse, without a CD?

UNetbootin may not work. The web page shows “Factory” being supported, but not released 11.0. Posts elsewhere indicate others have had this problem already. If you need to use UNetbootin, you could install 10.3 instead, which is supported. Then you could upgrade later to 11.0 whenever you want.