Erratic laser mouse movements

Hello all…Just installed OpenSuse 11.2 and I am having problems with my logitech laser mouse. I am getting erratic laser mouse movements when the mouse wakes up I get not only the movements but it opens files, dances around the screen opening things and has even jacked up my panels.

Anyone seen this? I did try a search and could not find a hit.


Hello shooter902 and welcome to the openSUSE forums. So I have not seen this but, it normally means one of two things. There could be something wrong with your mouse OR, there is some sort of hardware conflict with the rest of your hardware. Normally I just try a different mouse or switch to Windows if it is a dual boot to see if your mouse works OK there. If it is not a mouse problem and this is a new install of openSUSE, you might want to consider downloading openSUSE 11.3 that comes out on Thursday 7-15-2010 and reload the latest version of openSUSE and see if your mouse works any better for you with the latest version of openSUSE.

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Not to rain on your parade, but I would not be suggesting to install an OS release that won’t be available for 12 hours to a noob on his first post! There are normally a few hundred issues that crop up right after a new release goes from test to live.

What you describe has at least 3 possible causes. If a wireless type lazer mouse, the battery could be going dead resulting in irratic behavior, or an issue with drivers not being configured right or even the wrong driver for the mouse type. For wired and wireless mice: YAST->hardware->mouse, gnome-config->mouse, KDE-config->mouse all have settings that if tailored right can resolve most issues. The third prospect is as the previous responce suggests ‘a malfunctioning mouse’.

I have had issues where mouse-gesturing, smooth scroll, and mouse sensitivity have poduced a very unstable opperation when used together. You could try to shut off gesturing and smooth scroll, and see if the mouse starts responding better. If you get a noticable change but things are still not right try to adjust the sensitivity lower. Note what kind of responces you get and come back here to post them and maybe someone will be able to assist further.

techwiz03, according to shooter902 he just installed openSUSE 11.2. So, not much time has been wasted so far and he seems to have been able to install it the first time. Now we have not yet heard from him to see if the mouse works in anything else yet, but if it does, the problem does not exist with the mouse. Surely he knows if the mouse is any good. Since openSUSE 11.3 comes out in less than one day, why waste time with an older load of openSUSE that is not working? Why not spend that time with the newer version? In any event, every one has their own opinion and that is mine. You are free to suggest you own as well and I hope the best out come for our new user.

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