Errant mouse behaviour on new install of 11.1

I have just built a new computer: Asus A8V, AMD Athlon 64 (single core), 2GB memory, Matrox P650 graphics card, IIyama 19" monitor etc. I have installed 11.1 with KDE 4.1. The mouse behaviour is totally erratic and is causing 10’s of instances of Dolphin to be invoked. I can do nothing except power the computer off.

Could somebody talk me through some problem source identification procedure, please?

The newly build computer seems fine - it booted up correctly and allowed me to get into the BIOS at the first power-on. The diagnostics on the 11.1 DVD ran fine.

The install proceeded very smoothly (a few applications couldn’t be downloaded by Yast, but that’s all). In fact the installation of 11.1 seemed the easiest install of Linux (Or Windows) that I have ever done. However, when the system restarted itself the screen resolution was wrong and the font appearance was quite the worst I have ever experienced. Many words were impossible to make out.

Being new to KDE it took me a while to locate the function to allow the correct monitor to be selected, but the system does not seem to recognise the Matrox p650. It refers to a vesa-based card - or words to that effect.

I was able to set the monitor resolution to the correct default (1600 x 1200) from what appeared to be about 800 x 600, however upon restart the mouse would not move more than 25% of the way across the screen before reseting itself to the lower left hand corner and apparently clicking on what ever it found there.

In messing about in this way, I, or the system, managed to delete the launcher application and all subsequent attempts to use the system result in continuous creation of instances of dolphin - which is the first click-able icon at the bottom left hand corner of the screen after deletion of the launcher.

How do I recover from this situation?

Is the Matrox P650 graphics card supported?

Have you tried booting to level 3 (in the boot menu clear whole line and type 3) and invoking sax by
sax2 -r


Boot menu? What boot menu?

When you restart the PC and you get to the green window with choices of kernel’s (one is failsafe). Highlight the normal one, clear everything with backspace and write 3.

Aha! Great - now I understand: this is the so-called Grub menu. eh?

I never looked at this before - just hit enter to take the first Start-up option. In fcat that’s what this panel is labeled: ‘Startup Options’. I was not aware that you could type anyhting here.
Thanks for the pointer; my system is now in much better shape.

By much better shape do you mean that you have resolved this issue?

Oh, sorry about the imprecise language.Yes, the errant mouse behaviour is now fixed. I’m left with some minor issues:

  1. How to recover the KDE application launcher icon that I seem to have deleted.

  2. How to be sure that the optimal driver for my Matrox P650 AGP card is in use. The HCL for OS 11.1 lists only the Matrox G550, but I’m sure this list is not complete, because I am using a PCI Matrox G200 on my smaller SuSE/Gnome system and that seems to work ok.

#1 I have no idea what you mean, do you mean you lost klauncher icon on panel in the lower left? It’s a widget, just add it clicking the panel (can’t remember how it is in 4.1.3 since i’m using 4.3)
#2 I guess you can check that in sysinfo, if the driver is other than vesa then you have the right driver :slight_smile: